Susanville Veterans Memorial Hall


The Deputy Director of the Department of Public Works, County of Lassen, contacted me regarding their Veterans Memorial Hall in Susanville.

The Board of Supervisors had voted for funding for the refurbishing of the Memorial Hall and requested that a professional color consultant be hired to do a color palette for the exterior.

The building was constructed in 1926 and had always been white.

Understanding that the veterans had strong opinions about their building, I decided to meet with them first. I met with five WWII veterans ready to hear their thoughts. They were ambivalent about any changes to the building, but graciously remained open-minded about what I would present.

The colors selected are based on research and the application of color psychology. For more detail on the colors selected, please see the Color Specifications.

The resulting transformation process was a huge success. The County loved it, the Supervisors loved it, the citizens loved it, but, most of all, the Veterans loved it and where overwhelmingly appreciative.